Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Of Fallon-y and the Bunny Double...

We blogged about Sony Bravia's Bunnies last week. But boy we never knew that bloggers worldwide would be as passionate and heated up on it as it is seen in this blog

Agency Spy: Fallon-Passion ripped off concept for Play-Doh

Is this an issue of great minds think alike or is there truth in the finger pointing sessions - Fallon+Passion's blatant ripping off Kozyndan's limited edition bunny prints and also of their Bunny-wave based on Hokusai's "Great Wave off Kana gawa"?

The couple duo based in LA alleges that Passion approached them previously for samples

Kozyndan's flickr blog post


Apparently Sony has responded to the accusations on Adrants and currently the blog's still waiting for the agency+production house's reply.

Sony's reply on Adrants

Copy-bunny or sheer coincidence? You decide.


addy said...

in a world of information overload, there are bound to be overlaps of concepts and ideas. improvisation most would call it. some would call it inspiration.

but isn't that where most marketeers ideas come from? when co-relation and inter-relation fall into place, a new idea is born (which may not be so new somewhere else in the world!)

bet you if it was a much smaller and less significant brand than sony, no one will be kicking as much as a bunny over this fuss. sorry, i meant, kicking a fuss over the bunny!

MyLifeLounge said...

Always remember why you have chosen to be in the creative industry - to create originality.

If a source of inspiration exists, pay or give credit. It’s called Respect.