Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Judas phones it in [video]

Can mixing iconic moments in religion with advertising work? If it does then Iceland Telecom Siminn and Sony Ericsson should expect a dramatic increase in 3G mobile phone usage very shortly, after all, it doesn’t get much more controversial than injecting humour into an ad featuring the Last Supper, Jesus, and Judas, right?

It was Adrants that brought to my attention the ad which starts off in the Last Supper setting with Jesus looking for the absent Judas, and ends with Jesus discovering Judas’ worst kept secret (Like Adrants my biblical skills are not up to scratch so my understanding was that Jesus sees Judas with the soldiers and figures out he will get betrayed?).

So how does Jesus see all this? 3G technology of course…

Admittedly, my free-thinking self found the ad pretty amusing and the tagline at the end, ‘3G – changing the course of history’, was pretty darn funny BUT is it good branding and will it even get consumers to spend? I think it stands a chance if people have a sense of humour – there a lot more Last Supper ads in poorer taste than this.

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