Thursday, September 28, 2006

A tall order

A bunch of media and journalism veterans getting together to produce a bi-monthly 300 page news and analysis magazine with 100,000 subscribers eh….?

The management won’t reveal how they derived the 100,000, but earlier, their PR reps mentioned subscribers had to pay $3.80 for each copy. It’s a confirmed $15.80 off the newsstands but they’ve since retracted the $3.80 and the amount is now to-be-announced.
They are even planning to audit the publication (MCS/BPA) six months into print.

The mag’s credentials are fantastic but it’s a risky endeavour considering The Business Times only has an audited circulation of 29,533 and that only goes for 80 cents per copy.

Ok, you may say The Business Times is a daily so it can’t be compared to a bi-monthly, but what about the bi-monthly Singapore Business Review with an audited circ of only 11,639?

Very interesting stuff indeed and I’m eagerly anticipating the launch in December.

Seriously, it sounds like a mag I’d love to read, because it aims to give a different perspective to politics in Singapore, amongst other things.

I think everyone who works and plays in Singapore deserves to hear a unique perspective on our political landscape, aside from what we’re currently getting.

Editor-in-chief Ken Jalleh Jr--------
Hopefully then, my generation will no longer be labelled as the one that couldn’t care less about politics.

So the politics angle, coupled with the fact that they’re targeting it mainly at men (what?!?!?!?!) makes me want to tell even more women about it, and make sure they get on the mailing list.

So can they pull this off or will the mag crash and burn? I can’t wait to find out!

Creative Director Dick Lee
(picture from Lee's CV on his website)

GM Holman Chin


MetiaMan said...

A tall order indeed. I can't see it flying unless it is choc full of advertorials. And in that case who is going to pay $13.80 if it is full of luxury watch ads flanked by glowing reports of the company CEO's skiing antics at Verbier . . ?

Discoroach said...

Ha ha! Luxury watches!! I love it!

It'll be a business magazine that writes about the business of watches every issue - especially those watches that just happen to be advertising with them.

And that rubbish about 100,000 circulation - you can bet it won't be audited. This is a joke, actually, it's beyond a joke, it's criminal and precisely why the MDA should force all publishers to audit their mags. They just can't be trusted.