Thursday, September 07, 2006

Even creatives grow up

How do you convince one of the creative brains behind the Gold Cannes-winning Sony Bravia ad and the person responsible for Apple’s advertising identity for the iPod to fly all the way to our island home to judge one of our biggest award shows?

No, you don’t entice them with promises of night after night of steamy, wild rendezvous with exotic Asian chicks (apparently this used to be the case!).

You lure them with the Merlion, zoo excursion packages and our proximity to Club Med – basically a holistic family getaway. Quite unlike what you would expect for the stereotypical anti-establishment, eccentric, creative type eh?

Such is one of the tasks of this year’s Creative Circle Awards (CCA) chairman Rob Gax, who has been working hard trying to secure these role models to inspire our shores. He’s also hoping to get them to speak at the event so keep your fingers crossed.

Gax has started an “unofficial” blog on the CCAs, giving us the inside story on the happenings in the lead up to the show as well as a peek at the international names coming to judge the work so if I were you, I’d add this address to my favourites list:

Hey Rob, you might have to update your blog more often now ;)

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