Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I think we need more beer

I’d like to think I’m the most popular person in the office these days – for some bizarre reason, I’m been scoring the office quite a bit of free beer. The latest coup arrived in the form of a 30 litre keg of Stella Artois, which I won in a recent World Cup promotion.

As one of five grand prize winners, I won the keg of beer, as well as a very nice 37’’ LCD TV and a home theatre system. The beer was delivered to our office yesterday, complete with a cylinder of CO2 (thanks Pacific Beverages delivery guys for heaving the whole contraption up our creaky shophouse stairs), which means we have beer on tap, served deliciously chilled.

Here’s Marcus our new writer and very friendly bartender enjoying the experience -- at 9.30am!

A few months ago I also won a year’s supply of Tiger Beer at an APB party too.

If you’re a marketer, this is just a friendly note that we’re happy for you to send us free stuff like booze and more whenever you like. Feel free!

1 comment:

Honest.One said...

Too much free time to enter all those competitions, that's what I reckon...

Why don't you get back to work and let others have a chance of winning...??