Tuesday, October 17, 2006

High5: spot the difference?

Let’s play a game of spot the difference -- High5 has moved to clear things up following the accusations of unsanitary and non-Halal bread practices. I've got the low down on this complete with images. Let the game begin.

IMSG has kindly provided me with the 'real' images of the High5 plant in Malaysia. I've also included the 'fake' images, so you guys can comment on what you think is real and what you think is fake or is it all fake?

Here we go...

One last picture for you guys, its a certificate stating High5 bread to be Halal.

Enough said from me, now its your turn to do the talking.

1 comment:

Xeos said...

Ugh, that's disgusting =) Anyway, I'm more Gardenia than High5 anyway =)

"So good you can even eat it on-its-own".