Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another round of sangria for the team please!

Thank you so much to friends who turned up to celebrate Marketing’s redesign launch with us last night at Chijmes. It was one heck of a party, and was absolutely lovely to be surrounded by people whom we like and are the reason we exist.

We’ve been around for 4.5 years now and it’s high time we rewarded our loyal readers with a refreshed product with improved content, easier navigation, a more attractive layout, a more modern feel and vibrant colours to match.

So we pooled our resources and planned for about three months, spent about three weeks intensively putting the content and design together, and it all culminated in a bash last night where we unveiled a very very very hot looking magazine.

No, no no, it should be further left!

About 120 of you clicked glasses with us and shared feedback on the new look which we are very grateful for. I have to say that a few people whom we really wanted to party with did not receive our email invites (technology will let you down, it’s Murphy’s Law) and I’m sorry about that, and we wish you were there.

The Lighthouse ladies

You’ll receive your copy in the mail from next week and our phonelines/emails are open so do send us your thoughts on it.

Kudos to my team for the excellent work… it was great learning for all of us eh!

Hey bosses, may we have the rest of the month off? Pretty please?

(Confidential) Guess who don't sue, the joke's on us:

  1. Did you get a glimpse of Lighthouse’s very own New Paper beauty queen Jacqueline Thibodeaux? From what I noticed, a few members of the opposite sex kept her in close sight all evening.
  2. Which Marketing mag ace ad sales person had her mother call the office this morning on her behalf as she was hung over and had to stay home?
  3. Which (same) sales person stayed at the party till 3.30am and kept falling down stairs?
  4. Which (two) Lighthouse bosses were telling old-man stories towards the end of the night as a result of their getting over-familiar with the sangria?
  5. Which (two) Lighthouse colleagues showed up at work today in the same glamourous outfits they wore last night?
  6. Which Lighthouse ad sales person puked into her handbag at Bugis MRT station this morning?
  7. Which Lighthouse editorial person, also under the effects of sangria, thought she was a diva and kept making dramatic poses all evening?

If you’re wondering why we’re sharing such embarrassing happenings in such a public space, we say, “Come on, share a laugh with us!”


TK said...

What do you mean old man stories Debbie it was all gold! But thanks for making us feel our age. I just wanted to add my thanks - there was a lot of love for Marketing in the room last night and it was gratifying to hear the comments. It's just the start of a whole bunch of new initiatives our readers will witness in the next few months. Thanks for everyone who turned up and everyone who couldn't be there but sent their good wishes.

angelia said...

heh i never knew Jaqueline was with Lighthouse..she was great during her radio segment with Suzanne.