Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lessons from Lenovo

Yesterday, I was at the Brand Couture Congress 2008 where i got to hear Lenovo's chief marketing officer for Australia and NZ, Yu Dan Shi, give a presentation on how to take a new brand from obscurity to a household name in 12 months , i.e. what she's done with Lenovo in the last 12 months.

It was a fascinating story on how she succeeded in building the brand in Australia and New Zealand with a limited budget (in one of her examples, she mentioned how she bartered something like $8 million worth of laptops / Lenovo products with Channel 7 for marketing opportunities during the Olympics).

I asked her a couple of questions on credit crunch marketing.

For more information on marketing during the economic crisis, see our December issue cover story where we talk to marketers and agencies across several markets, and get them to discuss on which strategies work.


Genghis said...

Don't make me laugh. Limited budget? One shouldn't ever think about just budget if one has unlimited $8m worth of laptops. Talk about the obvious. If you want a lesson in brand building on a limited budget go look up the "The King" campaign from Burger King.

Creative said...

Some correction: The speaker said that they had a budget of $2M yet created a 12-month campaign worth $8M.