Friday, August 04, 2006

The optimal talent mix?

Debbie and I were chortling happily earlier this evening (hey, it’s a Friday!) while listening to a Mr Brown podcast titled “all-local ad agency”. It was absolutely hilarious!

It had a wicked sense of humour about Singapore’s ad industry – now I’m not saying I agree with the content in the podcast or what was being suggested, that’s not my place – but of course, the topic they chose to highlight and the stereotypes they addressed (and exaggerated) is one that’s been bandied around for a nong, nong time in the industry.

Under the cover of a fake interview, CEO Yeo Kar Ceng was interviewed about his motivations for setting up Singapore’s first all-local ad agency, Beng T Ads. Mr Yeo talked about everything under the sun -- the structure of ad agencies weren’t spared, and departments that were goreng-ed included the ‘draw picture’, ‘eat potato’ (speak England, write England… they can write the words for the advertisement very good!), account servicing, finance, media buying, and ‘computer and interactive and IT and cyber’ departments. There’s even a send up on the role of creative directors... and how clients are the real CDs...

Listen to it with more than a pinch of salt.

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