Monday, June 22, 2009

Predictions for Cannes

Just had a look through some the entries being judged at Cannes this year, and there is some brilliant work.

Recession or not, the industry is still capable of producing some fantastic stuff. Here’s Leo Burnett’s global creative chief Mark Tutssel predictions of 50 campaigns that he thinks will win gongs at Cannes (via Rapp's Cannes Cast blog).

I’ve picked out a few from this bunch which stand out, for mind. There’s this one:

And this nice London stunt for T-Mobile:

The Matrix-inspired Golf ad:

And Nintendo’s Great Wario work:

Um, probably the least said about this one the better.

This is a great ad:

And a few more to finish off:

Well done if you got through all those.

The common theme seems to be that the entries and delegate numbers might be down at Cannes this year, but the best work will still win out in the end, and we can celebrate the creative power of great advertising. That's what matters.

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