Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tipped out [video]

Last week Guinness launched its £10 million (S$30 million) ad, the most expensive TVC in its marketing history turned a village in Argentina into a giant domino launch pad equipped with flaming hay bales and cars, and hundreds of villagers.

Called ‘Tipping Point’ the ad was directed by Nicolai Fugslig, he’s the guy who did the Sony Bravia’s ‘Balls’ ad, and bears similarities to that Honda ‘Cog’ ad which illustrated the domino effect with car parts.

Not bad… getting the books towards the end of the ad to give the illusion of a pint of stout being poured was the best part for me but I’ll never know how the heck they got it to pause and go up again (which is the correct way to pour Guinness stout isn’t it?).

I still think the Honda ad has the cool factor nailed down though…we’ll have to wait and see how viral this ad becomes.

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