Friday, December 08, 2006

Saatchi & Saatchi China's kicks up a controversy

Ooh, look what the lego cat dragged in... Ouch.

And check out some of the comments on Ads of the

Note at 5.50pm: Oh my, looks like the YouTube video has been made private and the Ads of the World link is dead too. Somebody's in trouble...


Discoroach said...

Making light or exploiting human tragedy is probably one of the biggest no-nos in advertising and corporate communications.

Saatchi's house ad does both.

They deserve all the flack they get.


Readymade said...

Uhh... I can't view the clip. It's been listed as private?

Discoroach said...

The ad was a Lego TVC featuring images of destruction from the World Trade Centre, Asian Tsunami, Kashmir earthquake, etc. In the top right corner of the screen was the Lego logo with the caption "Rebuild it".

The ad was made by Saatchi & Saatchi China.

Someone obviously took offence and posted the ad on Youtube, adding a super listing the name of the agency and the names of the creatives involved.

MiCol Chan said...

wthat make me remember of another stupied press ads of Toyota created by Saatchis Beijing some years ago.

what hurts the national emotion also forbidded to Human.

stop! Saatchis Creatives

A individual from China

BjornLee said...

ouch, this ad is a crime against humanity. someone oughta be crucified.