Tuesday, July 25, 2006

So we finally got a blog

Just a quick warning, I am about to use the most overused term of 2006. We thought it was high time we joined the Web 2.0 movement (yep there's that word) and launch the Marketing blog. Yes I know we're only about six months late, but at least we're here now.

I know the golden rule is don't blog about blogging, but I need to spend a few words explaining what The Pitch is all about, well its essentially about ideas and stuff, but particularly the ideas and stuff that have no natural place in the magazine.

There's a lot of stuff that goes into both Marketing magazine each month and the thrice weekly Marketing newsbreak but there's plenty of other stuff that we at Marketing gather in the course of a week, gossip, rumours, opinion, lies, slander and humorous anecdotes - so instead of it all rattling around in our heads we thought let's provide an outlet to get it out.

So The Pitch is a forum for Marketing to sound off about a whole range of things loosely tied to the industries we cover. The great thing about blogs is they are meant to be a little bit garage, rough around the edges, not so structured as formal journalism and a little less...accountable.

Bloggers every day fill the bottomless database of the Internet with everything from theories on government conspiracies to the latest fascinating observations on the life and times of their pet Shitzus. So you'd think a bunch of supposedly intelligent journos working at Marketing would have something to add to the conversation.

I have personally been rattling the editorial staff's cages about online content delivery for the past four months and we're making steady progress but it might take a little while to turn them all into legitimate "bloggers" so I'll have to get the ball rolling. So bear with us and check back occasionally and hopefully we can inform, titillate and possibly even educate you - but we'll try to keep the tone light.

If you have something to add feel free to hit the "comment" button. Don't worry we're a thick skinned lot and if you want to take a swing at us, feel free. Happy reading and we promise we won't blog about our Shitzus, no really, we don't even own any Shitzus...


Writer said...


Really looking forward to all that you've promised... especially the gossip!


i'm really looking forward to telling more people about this blog site. How about coming up with a topic of the week for discussion so everyone can share their views.
I'll start first - Are marketers in Singapore "Curiously Creative" or "Creatively Curious"?

danesh said...

Hey Debbie and team... welcome to blogworld. Look forward to reading some informal insights where I believe most good ideas come from rather than powerpointellized versions.




Debbie said...

hey thanks guys! this is fun. I'm looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

Melanie Surplice said...

Tony & Team, congrats on the launch of The Pitch - I love the fact that you've said it's going to be a little rough and ready! And it's always useful to hear what challenges other marketing and communications professionals are facing.

Good luck!

Melanie http://surpliceofspin.blogspot.com/