Monday, July 31, 2006

The secret to creativity

This morning, I happily walked to Raffles Place MRT to attend the IAS’ Creative Director of the Year award announcement – a new award in the Hall of Fame Awards.

It was a wet morning, and the wind was howling, but I was happy, after spending the entire weekend watching episode after episode of Prison Break. For the uninitiated, you better find yourself a copy of this new series because it kicks major ass.

Oops, did I say ‘ass’?

Haha… let me explain.

I was pleasantly surprised to see some of my favourite creatives at the event this morning. Tian It, Calvin, Francis, Rob, Guan, Farrokh and so on. No. 1, it is very rare to find all of them in the same room, or even in the same country, for that matter. They’re always on the road. No. 2, the key word is ‘morning’ – no elaboration needed.

Anyway, the group was ushered to one of two larger-than-life photo/poster thingys of them at Raffles Xchange, where they signed next to their photos and gamely posed for even more picture-taking.

Then, the emcee breezed in, asking the lot to pose with their bottoms facing the camera. Everyone took a double-take.

I mean, can you believe, asking some of the most lauded creative brains in the country show off their behinds in a publicity shot?

This is why they are the best in the business. Not only are they good at what they do, they’re also refreshingly obliging, down-to-earth, and more importantly, fun.

I had a FANTABULOUS time at the event, one of the best I’ve ever been to. I have to add that it was short and sweet too.

Next time you walk past me at the MRT station, near the wall photo, hand me a tissue can? I’ll be grabbing my sides laughing uncontrollably, remembering a roomful of creative greats perking up their bums for the camera.

A once in a lifetime photo op, I’m sure.


Tan Kok Seng said...

It looks like there's only one woman in that line-up. And all the guys are wearing jeans..

P.s. suggest you turn on your word verification or you're gonna get hit by spam.

P.p.s. where's Clarice?

creativedirector said...

Really, do we need another award for creative directors?

Are we so insecure as a group that all the current awards are not enough?

Could be if we have enough awards soon everyone will win a winner..... :)

Please let us stick to the business of developing great work for the clients and not focus on our egos.

If we are going to have yet another award for creative directors, creatives etc. let it be sponsored and judged by clients.

Where's Henry? Get some real talent please! She rocks!

TK said...

Thanks Tan Kok Seng we now have word verfication on - it's all a bit beta just one thing at a time but that was an important one. cheers.

Justin Randles said...

creativedirector has a point.

I'd be willing to bet that on an ad spend to award show ratio, the Singapore advertising community is the most awarded in the world.

Any takers?

Ang Mo Creatives said...

So I guess that only Asian CD's can be great, and mostly men to boot! Nice.

Ang Mo Creatives said...

Yeah where is Henry, or Kelly, or Ged, or Pete or Rich...

All great CD's/ECD's !!!!! (Oh dear they are all white faces... who is being racisit now?!)