Monday, March 10, 2008

Marketers beware

When an idea seems so good that you’d be crazy not to do it, please take a moment and consider the following: Does this ad tactic really fit your brand?

If your answer is, “maybe not but I still want to give away a new car to every member of the studio audience”, then have a read of what Steve McKee, president of McKee Wallwork Cleveland Advertising, writes in a BusinessWeek article.

In ‘When Your Ad Tactics Don’t Fit Your Brand’, McKee cites numerous examples of how marketers fell in love with an idea without thinking about whether it created long-term value for the brand.

He wrote that when marketers are faced with a new tactical opportunity, no matter how exciting it appears, you should run it through the filter of your overall brand strategy. If it's consistent, it may be a good opportunity to generate additional, relevant exposure. If not, you can find better uses for your money.

In other words, don’t assume that creating a ‘most watched’ viral video on YouTube means positive things for your brand. We just don’t know what the real value of the messages put on YouTube are…yet.

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