Friday, July 27, 2007

After resigning account, agency auctions off the brand merchandise

I received an email this afternoon that made me raise my eyebrows and tickled me enough to want to blog about it immediately.

The subject read: "BBH Asia-Pacific sent you this eBay item: Unwanted Tiger Beers X 24".
It was sent by: "eBay member: []"

BBH resigned the Tiger Beer account a while back. Now it is selling off its ex-client's leftover beer? (can beer ever be 'leftover'? us at Marketing magazine usually drink it lovingly)

So I quickly clicked through to the eBay site address provided and found a real auction for a carton of Tiger Beer going for a whopping $120 and here is what the description said:


Unwanted crate of Tiger Beer! Pick-up only at our new BBH Asia-Pacific office: 5 Magazine Road, #03-03 Central Mall, Singapore 059571. Thanks for shopping!!!!!!

Clicking through to the other items the "seller" has, brought me to this:

I don't know how APB will feel about this but I did get a good laugh after realising it was a marketing stunt to tell everyone the agency was moving house.

I particularly like the "coasters aka business cards" (why didn't I do the same for my old cards!) and of course, the "Coffee cup used by Sir John Hegarty (Unwashed!!!!!!!)". I can't say the same for Steve's body comb though... I didn't know there were combs for this purpose.


Will monitor to see who actually bids for this bunch of junk. Nice one BBH! I wonder which brand of beer guests will be served at your office warming party? *chuckle*

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