Thursday, June 28, 2007

Give speeding the little finger

This is a little out of market but I saw the latest Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA)New South Wales anti-speeding ad and had to share it with you guys.

The TVC ad, which ran on 24 June, uses a belittling gesture hoping to apply sufficient peer pressure against young drivers who speed. The ad ran in the lead up to the RTA enforcing tougher restrictions for P-plate and learner drivers.


So what did you think? Will the finger gesture implying a driver has a small penis when he drives dangerously actually stop them from speeding? Maybe. As much as i thought that this 'No one thinks big of you' campaign was amusing -- I am undecided on its effectiveness in curbing speeding (But I am leaning slightly in favour of it being affective).

I know what the RTA were trying to do, sick of ads and unconvinced of the effectivess of showing the serious injury and death speeding can cause, they have taken a different approach "because when it comes to speeding, no one thinks big of you. It purposely talks to young guys in their language".

I would say it definitely speaks to "young guys in their language" but while trawling through YouTube to find the TVC -- once i found it there were interesting user comments there. One guy made a good point saying "there is not a single act of speeding in the entire advertisment... Its all cases of neg driving! The ending should read NEG DRIVING, NO ONE THINKS BIG OF YOU... the message would make as much sence if it said SMOKING WHEN PREGNANT HARMS YOUR BABY, both of which have nothing to do with the footage!"

Oh well, at least it has gotten people's attention and in my book, easily beats those horrible speeding ads I see sometimes at the cinema and even on CH 5. You know what i am talking about -- the one with the crying voice overs and B-movie grade gore.

The RTA ad was done by Clemenger BBDO and the production company was


Kevin said...

Well, it sure beats the local (CH5) TV ad on Road Courtesy anytime :P

Angela said...

i agree. the first time i saw that ad on channel 5 - i cant resist the control to stick up the middle finger.

Keith Wong said...

The concept is brilliant, but it's a pity the execution wasn't up to par. Like some may have noted, those guys in the ad weren't speeding.

And of course, concept-wise, it beats any of Singapore's public-service ads anytime.

Emma Chen said...

These ads are results of half-hearted, less then half budgeted and way too political in following the same route, same idea, resulting with failure again and again.

We, being ever so critical, then drive faster to prove them have failed and we have skill. No?

Drink & drive is a different story. Why on earth wanna risk it all while not fully concious? Surely speeding is cooler then drink & drive. No?

Kenneth said...

I totally agree with you guys. The Singapore Traffic Police' road courtesy campaigns SUCK BIG TIME!! Year after year, they continue to do what is so obviously wrong. Such a bloody waste of taxpayers funds!